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A Thoughtful & Poignant Collection of Poems by
Vibha Maurya


My Story -
Vibha Maurya
A poet and an artist.

Vibha Maurya was born in Varanasi, U.P., India. She graduated with a degree in science and education and received a Master of Art in English from Kurukshetra University to honor her passion for poetry.

As an artist She has held several solo and group exhibitions in various art galleries across India. She was awarded the Master Crafts Persons Award for Ceramics in 2004. Her artworks are in collections of private collectors in India and U.S. She lives and works in Gurugram, a satellite city in the national region of India.

About My Poetry -

I grew up surrounded by a deep reverence for nature and words, and it is this deep rooted passion that finds expression in my poetry. I spent a lot of time in the green fields of my village, the lush green environment and proximity with the farming life made me nature lover and a poet. Therefore , in both my lifestyle and poetry one can sense the longings I have for wide open spaces of nature I grew up in. I seek refuge in my poetry and that's where I find my balance and constant.

My poems are meditations on identity, relationships, happiness, sorrow, love, loss, shattered dreams, and the places we inhibit. In exploring these themes, the poems often employ beautiful details of the geography, communities, and cities of India. I try to explore my complex feelings for India, my own history and heritage within my work.


About My Art - 

My artwork is a celebration of womanhood; of beauty, empowerment and strength. The thread of my main theme, womanhood, weaves across each of my work. Women across the globe, regardless of culture, race and nation, play their unsung role as individuals, and integrators of families and society. A compelling desire to showcase the female persona drives me to relentlessly capture them on my canvas. Through my work I wish to portray the feminine energy of SHAKTI, strength in all its glory.

I want my art to speak to my viewers, for them to self - identify. I am fascinated by faces, the endless stories a face can tell and the emotions it can portray without saying a word. My work is primarily figurative and it often portrays different moods of my female protagonists, their feelings, emotions, and tensions. It is grounded in real world and expresses feelings that are close to my heart. My paintings are an intimate sharing of my experiences in response to my immediate surroundings. Art has its own language and I use its elements to make an statement or express something I feel about deeply.​



Share in the universal human experience

with this thoughtful and poignant collection of

poems about the journey of life.

Moment by moment, life reveals itself in this masterful collection of poetry.

Feelings Awakened is poet Vibha Maurya’s meditations on identity, relationships, happiness, sorrow, love, loss, shattered dreams, and the places we inhabit. With a frequent nod to her beloved Indian homeland, her reflections allow readers to tap into the heart of the collective. Prepare to be awakened to the universal. Simple, profound, and utterly heartfelt, Feelings Awakened is a poetry collection for readers who welcome the beauty of imperfection and the miracle of an ever – changing world.

Every time, again and again,

Life breaks my delusions avowedly,

Comes to declare at my doorstep:

Nothing is stable in life;

Life itself is momentary.

 Then how joy will live forever;

 Like a breeze of fragrant air

 The happiness comes and goes,

 While its fragrance here and there

 Occasionally visits to perfume life.

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